Scale Modeling

I’ve been building model kits since I was a youngster, and it should not be surprising that I have specialized in building models of space vehicles. I’ve already mentioned that my first scratch built project was a Surveyor back in junior high school. I have done a lot of kits as well as many super-detailed and scratchbuilt models since then. In order to build accurate models of historical spacecraft I had to do a bit of research and digging. Fortunately my time as a co-op student at NASA Marshall and my early days at McDonnell got me access to a lot of interesting historical resources. As I have also always enjoyed writing, and the related creative outlet that was originally called desktop publishing, as well as feeling somewhat of an obligation to share what I found, I have written several modeling handbooks related to historical space topics. So I build models and then write about how to build them.

1/48th scale Apollo Lunar Module from the Monogram kit with a lot of added detail

I have also been active in the International Plastic Modelers Society, having been a member since 1974 and attended many national and regional conventions that this group sponsors. I have given seminars on real space modeling for many years at the national events, and was head judge for their Space and Science Fiction division from around 1990 though 2007. In the 1980s I had a regular column on space models in their quarterly publication. I have held many positions at the local club level in St. Louis and Phoenix and was very involved in running their national conventions in 1983, 1991, 2004 and 2010. Currently I am the regional coordinator for the four state Region 10 (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah).

2012-0810 IPMS Nats sm
Judging sci fi figures at the 2012 IPMS National Convention

I have also built some models for my employer, going back to missile concepts in St. Louis and satellite designs for McDonnell Douglas and now Orbital. Recently I have been developing paper models of Orbital satellites which have been used by our NASA customer for their educational campaigns (Landsat 8 and ICESat 2).

2004_Swift1 sm IMG_3236
1/20th scale model of the Swift satellite (left) and a 1/48th scale paper model of ICESat 2 (right)