Scale Models

By high school I was seriously into scale model building. I built pretty much everything, but I was mostly into cars, airplanes, and of course, spacecraft. I built the original Star Trek Enterprise, all the Revell Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo kits. My brother and I did some model rocketry, too.

At some point I started scratchbuilding. The first one was the Surveyor lunar soft landing probe. I built it from photos to no particular scale. I used wooden swizzle sticks (then popular for mixed drinks), car model hubcaps, pieces of cardboard, and other bits from mostly car model kits. I sent a photo of it to the AIAA Student Journal and they published it, which I thought was very cool at the time.

Pasted Graphic

In high school I filled a display case with my models. Some were speculative, like taking paper plates, stacking a layer between them, adding some fishing bobbers for fuel tanks, and turning all of that into a futuristic spaceship. I still have some of them.