Recent Personal Appearances and Related Outreach Activities

I still do a fair amount of outreach to students and the general public. This is a listing of some of my recent activities.


6/9-11/16 - SpaceFest VII (Tucson)
I had a display of my space models and hosted hands-on paper model building of the University of Arizona’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

6/3/16 - Phoenix Comicon

I was on two Comicon panels, one on the Science of Wonder Woman, and another on interstellar travel.

4/13/16 - ASU Discovery marketing session
I was invited to be on a panel of six “friends and alumni” who support the Discovery lecture series. The idea was to continue to improve the Discovery lecture series.

4/12/16 - Southwest MakerFest
I organized a model display for our Phoenix chapter of IPMS. We also did a make and take where kids built nearly 100 snap together model kits.


10/20/15 - ASU Freshman Engineering Career Exploration Night
I organized a team of Orbital ATK engineers and managers to talk to engineering students about careers in the field and answer their questions about their plans at the university.

10/10/15 - “LibraryCon” at the SE Regional Library in Gilbert
NSS was invited to have an info table at this four-hour local comic-con. Glen Gassaway and I staffed a table with Chuck Lesher’s poster on cis-lunar resources, the space colony model, copies of Ad Astra, and a moon globe. I gave an updated version of my “Road to Mars” talk.

10/2/15 - A Night with the Stars - evening program at Mesa's Arizona Museum of Natural History
The museum asked us (AIAA/Orbital) to put on our display for this event, so we took the AIAA space hands-on display (AIAA tablecloth, gravity bottles. air rocket). About 200 people attended, mostly families and a lot of Girls Scouts (apparently not expected).

8/9/15 - ASU SEDS
I was their guest speaker (after the planned speaker cancelled the day before) and I gave a my talk on careers in aerospace to 22 students.

7/28/15 - The Space Show
I was the guest on Dr. David Livingston’s podcast. It went for 90 minutes and went very well. I talked about my memoir, space advocacy in general, and model building.

7/14/15 – Pluto Palooza
I helped organize an event at ASU celebrating the New Horizons exploration of Pluto. In addition to making some remarks to the nearly 200 attendees, I arranged for public affairs handouts (stickers, bookmarks, and info flyers) from NASA and the National Space Society.

7/11-12/15 - Arizona SciTech Festival leadership camp for school Chief Science Officers
I served as a technology mentor and chaperone for two days of this retreat for over 100 student representatives from grades 7 thru 12.

5/29/15 – Phoenix Comicon
I was on a panel discussing “The Golden Age of Science” and the visions of the future of space exploration from the perspective of the 1960s. There were at least 50 people at this seminar.

4/22/15 - Science Night at Taylor Jr HS

Their science teacher, Jan Olson,invited me to give a presentation at their science night.

4/11/15 - Reach for the Stars Girl Scout program at Mesa's Arizona Museum of Natural History
Garrick Williams and I staffed a hands-on exhibit table representing AIAA and Orbital at this two-hour event. We showed off the AIAA space display (gravity bottles and air rocket) and there were 180 total visitors according to the museum.

3/7/15 – SpaceUp Phoenix
I organized, hosted, and gave a talk at SpaceUp Phoenix, held at Mesa Community College. This day-long un-conference drew over 60 people including many NSS chapter members. The event was a big success. See for details.

2/28/15 - MAVEN Educator Workshop at Orbital LSG
Tracey Dodrill organized this teacher training workshop aimed at getting standards (reading, writing) into MAVEN (Mars mission) science curriculum. About 20 teachers and four facilitators from Colorado University-Boulder attended. I arranged use of Orbital’s facility in Chandler for this free Saturday event.

2/24/15 - ASU SEDS
I talked about Orbital ATK and gave my Road to Mars talk. About 15 students were there.

2/19/15 - AIAA Phoenix Section Dinner
I substituted for the planned speaker (Nova Hall) who had to cancel when his wife went into labor. I gave my Road to Mars talk. About 17 people attended.

2/9/15 - ASU AIAA Student Branch
I was one of three Section members who met with students and talked about Orbital ATK and other professional career examples. About 6 students were there.

2/4/15 - Science Cafe at Gangplank
I was part of a panel with Garrick Williams and Chuck Lesher on space exploration, specifically the merits of the Asteroid Retrieval Mission. There were about 17 people there and we had some good discussion.


12/1/14 - Nick Proach (Proach Models) was in town and we had dinner at Rustlers Rooste and talked about the space model hobby.

11/21/14 - Evening Under the Stars
I gave several sessions of my Satellites talk to junior high students and family members at this science night at Cocopah Middle School in Scottsdale. We had several other AIAA members doing talks or displays.

11/8/14 - St. Louis Gateway to Space Conference
I attended and did some presentations at this NSS regional conference held in downtown St. Louis. There was also a Mac's Old Team reunion at the Prologue Room Friday night where I ran into several old managers and co-workers whom I had not seen in 20+ years. On Saturday I gave a presentation on Orbital’s Antares program as part of a commercial space session. I also chaired a panel on the future of space exploration where I gave a version of my Hard Road to Mars pitch. This event went very well with many national officers and other notable space advocates.

10/28/14 - ASU Fulton Career Exploration Night for Freshmen
I organized a group of about 10 other Orbital employees to this career meet-and-greet. We had a modest table display for Orbital.

10/16/14 - SEDS SpaceTalk Interview
I was guest for an on-line interview with SEDS members where they talk to professionals in the space industry.
9/29/14 - Keystone Montesori School
I gave my Satellites talk to about 20 4-5-6 graders. A co-worker's son attends this school in Ahwatukee.

9/27/14 -  APS Back to School Resource Fair
I organized the AIAA exhibit at this event at the Arizona Science Center. I brought the new space displays (air rocket, gravity jugs) that I built. There were probably 300 attendees, mostly K-12 educators. I was there all day, and Dan Frey, Eric Nichols, and George Somi spent some time helping.

9/25/14 - ASU Commercial Space class
I gave a talk on Orbital Sciences product lines and capabilities to this undergraduate class, taught by Dr. Jim Bell. About 30 students were there. I included a discussion of career planning. 

9/23/14 - UofA Tech Launch Arizona
I went to downtown Phoenix to attend a mixer of supporters of this tech incubator collaboration. They are interested in having subject matter experts involved.

4/28/14 - Salt River Elementary School Science Night

I staffed a table top poster exhibit on Orbital Sciences products at this Salt River - Maricopa Indian community school STEM fair.

4/22/14 - Taylor Junior High School Science Night
I gave a short version of the Satellites presentation about five times to groups of students at their STEM fair.

4/12/14 - Yuri's Night
I arranged for the Phoenix Section AIAA to sponsor $150 worth of food for the SEDS-ASU Yuri's Night event on campus. I also attended the event and promoted AIAA and NSS.

4/2/14 - Gangplank Chandler
I gave a talk on human missions to Mars at their monthly Science Cafe. About six people attended including four teachers.

2/22/14 - Chandler Science Spectacular
I helped at the Orbital exhibit at the Science Spectacular, which was part of the Arizona Science and Technology Festival.

2/20/14 - STEM Fair featuring AIAA Mars Rover Project
I visited the Monterey Park Learning Center in central Phoenix from 5 to 7 pm. This group of gifted students from 14 different schools in Phoenix participated in the AIAA Mars Rover Educator Academy project. They invited us to come and see the final results at this event. I gave my talk on The Road to Mars.

2/12/14 – Sonoran Trails Middle School Science Festival
I was a guest at this school in north Scottsdale, displaying the cardboard wind tunnel, and talking to students. It went well, with several hundred students, family, teachers and other exhibitors there.


12/4/13 - SEDS ASU Meeting
I gave a talk on careers in aerospace to the ASU SEDS club.

11/7-10/13 - SEDS SpaceVision Conference
This was the annual conference of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) and was hosted by the ASU chapter. I had heard of it early in the year and arranged Orbital to be a (financial) sponsor. This enabled Orbital to have a booth and a spot on the Commerical Space panel. I helped staff the booth and gave a presentation as part of that panel. I also arranged exhibit tables for AIAA and National Space Society.

11/1/13 - Cocopah Middle School
I did a lunch'n'learn session on Satellites and careers at Tracey Dodrill's school.

10/11/13 - ASTA Conference
I gave a talk on the Wind Tunnel at the annual meeting of the Arizona Science Teachers Association. Another AIAA member, Rick Kale, attended and assisted with the set up. There were about 12 attendees and a good discussion.

10/2/13 - ASU AIAA Student Branch
I was one of two AIAA Phoenix Section members who gave a presentation to ASU students at their monthly meeting. Mine was a general overview of Orbital Sciences.

10/1/13 - Salt River Elementary School
I gave my Satellites talk to an after school (FLL) robotics club.

9/27/13 - Embry Riddle University
I was one of several Phoenix AIAA members who gave a talk on careers to students at ERAU in Prescott.

9/21/13 - APS Back to School educator resource fair
I exhibited the wind tunnel here (AZ Science Center) and accomplished some additional networking with educators. AIAA members Dani Eriksson and Morgan Ewen also helped.

9/21/13 - NSS Meeting and Channel 12 interview
I gave my talk on The Road to Mars at the local NSS meeting. Prior to that I went to the ABC-TV Channel 12 studios to do a live interview on Mars exploration on their 6 am newscast.

9/14/13 - Educator Academy Mars Rover
This curriculum program was developed via the national AIAA office and the Phoenix section arranged a demo of this module by Gar Bering. We had it at a hotel in Tempe and I made most of the arrangements.

9/4/13 - SciTech Festival Kick Off Event
I exhibited the wind tunnel here and got a lot of good comments and contacts.

8/16/13 - IPMS National Convention
I gave my annual seminar on modeling historical spacecraft. This year I presented my Mir model.

July 2013 - Navajo Elementary School, Scottsdale
Dan Frey and I visited the school to establish a mentorship program with Orbital. Later we heard that their after-school programs have shifted somewhat such that they are not able to implement this partnership as expected. So this is on hold.

4/12/13 - Yuri's Night
I organized a social event at the Space Access conference for YN with the help of NSS, AIAA, and Moon Society members.